Schirokko’s Journey at Sea

A baroque journey through the ancient history of creation
It is a genesis of the world according to the ancient Greeks: first the birth of the primordial god “Chaos”, followed by the Titans, the remaining gods, Naiads and lesser immortals. Finally, man also makes an appearance in this programme rich with strings and wind instruments. Jean-Féry Rebel’s “Les Eléments”, Vivaldi wind concertos, and Telemann’s “Wassermusik” alternate in an exciting search for our origins.
In comparison with the rest of the republic, north Germany does not seem to have so many top ensembles in the field of historical performance practice. Maybe we’re in for a change, though, because of the recently founded “Ensemble Schirokko”, led by violinist Rachel Harris .… The concertmaster and leader of the ensemble developed the programme on this CD, recorded with a tremendous sense of sound, playfulness and great precision … For friends of exquisite and intelligently played Baroque music, this enchanting CD is a must.”
CD of the week”, from the CD presentation of the NDR (July 2010)

Orchestra consists of

18 musicians: 6 violins, 2 violas, cello, viola da gamba, violone, 2 oboes/recorders, traverso/piccolo, bassoon, harpsichord, lute and drums

Jean-Féry Rebel, Le Chaos


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